Difference you get with Expert Mortgage Brokers, Liverpool.

Having Milan from Expert Mortgage Brokers as our mortgage broker was an absolute pleasure. He tried tirelessly, until he’s found the most competitive mortgage for us, together with the lowest fees and interest rate out of hundreds of different home loans. Gave us so much info bank would not share with you. Highly recommend Milan from Expert Mortgage Brokers.

Jana D

Competitive Home Loan, Parramatta.

Milan has truly been able to change my financial position and has fought very hard for me to find the best deal for me. I would honestly recommend the services of Milan as he is truly professional, honest, approachable, friendly and gives the persona of genuine care. With the products that Milan has set up for me in relation to my home loan, I am astounded as to what capabilities he has unlocked for me. Not just a great home loan deal, but added bonuses and features. If you are looking around for your broker, I think your search should end here. Milan is the way to go!! Thank you soo much for everything that you have been able to set up for me. I’ll be using your services again shortly!

Michael V

Wisdom and knowledge of Expert Mortgage Brokers, St George.

I’ve known Milan for a long time and we’ve worked together in the field for the past 10 years around lending, mortgage retention, personal lending and mortgage broking. I have seen firsthand Milan’s extreme professionalism, dedication, and vast knowledge. He is the most diligent and accountable whether it be on a professional or personal level. Most importantly he works first and foremost in the best interest of his clients which is why I see them continually going back for their next purchase or investment.

Steven F

Highly recommended services of Expert Mortgage Brokers, Parramatta.

I have known Milan from Expert Mortgage Brokers for about twelveor so years and he continues to amaze me with all the hard work and dedication he puts into his career and professional activities as well. As a fellow mortgage broker, I can recommend Milan to be one of the best mortgage brokers that I have personally worked with. Hence, I have no trouble highly recommending the Expert Mortgage Brokers including Milan to anyone needing a mortgage or finance services that he offers. I look forward to working with Milan from Expert Mortgage Brokers again in the near future.

Paul N

Simplified process with Expert Mortgage Brokers, Westmead.

Milan was a great broker to have in our corner.

I originally met him when I signed up to win a price at the Home Loans stand at a wedding expo. I put down that I’d like some more information regarding entering the property market and Milan followed up my query.

He talked us through what we could borrow, what mortgage package would work for us and how to best make investment properties work for us, all of this as advice as we weren’t going to buy until after we married this April. Milan said he would follow up at the beginning of this year to check back on the situation.

A few months later and we got the house hunting bug and got back in contact early to organise pre-approval, just in case we found something we liked. Milan went back through the process of finding the best packages for us and liaising with the lender. Less than a week later, approval pending, we put an offer on a house and got it!

Milan worked through the settlement and has followed up with us and the bank to make sure that everything is in place and we are happy with everything.
We are happily in our new house and the process was made so simple with all of Milan’s help. Thanks again!

Melanie G