A hidden significance, white-label loans are a lot more than just a good rate loan

Published on June 11, 2018

Milan Tojcic I Investor Enthusiast

Director of Expert Mortgage Brokers I Head Finance Broker


For those unfamiliar with white label loans, a hidden significance, greater than is first apparent – in essence a white-label loan is basically a home-branded loan. Like any of your favourite home-branded products you can find in supermarket aisles there is a hidden significance – the white-label loan is more than a low rate loan. White-label products are high quality and are usually developed by the most influential of lenders in the markets – they are just packaged with less and hence appear with less significance but, do come with a very sharp and competitive offer.


White-label loans, like any while label grocery product is available in supermarkets, are available through mortgage brokers. Popularity of while label loans has grown mainly in the last decade. Their popularity has grown so much that majority of brokers offer while label loans. And, as white label loans have grown in demand, that’s slowly reflected onto the quality of their product and service overall in the market. Hence, white label loans have developed over time into something much more than price, with high focus on flexibility, service and quality of the product.


Elasticity – White label will offer choice

Like in range offered by big four majors in white-label offers variable interest rate, fixed or combination of both rate loans. Their suitability will range for many home-buyers looking for a no frills, simple mortgage product. White-label mortgage products will offer access to loan features like redraw, debit card access and internet banking facility. That way there is no need to be concerned with paying for all the extras that many borrowers will never need in home loans.


Facility – White label loans offer swift and professional service

Customer service is what distinguishes the products in white-label home loan market. Deciding on which home loan to choose available can be the biggest financial decision in a life time. Hence, who better to go to than a mortgage broker. Nevertheless, some still feel that if there is no face to face person than customer service is slower and not as professional. With white-label loans, brokers have knowledge and access to the white-label lender support and can offer, in most cases, quicker support than a lender might. Most of the time an unconditional approval can be obtained with a broker through white-label product than any other major lender in the market. That way dealing with a broker can result in quicker and more suitable loan product, not to mention quicker service levels with having the expert on your side.


Value – White-label loans offer like any lender might with lower cost involved

Basically, white-label features offer the same facilities as any bank-lender might, only with lower cost. Products value, elasticity and facilities involved remains the same, and not to mention the popularity of white-label loans growing only goes to say that borrowers are getting the opportunity and benefits of this loan product.


Once you’re ready to further inquire about a loan and if white-label something you are considering, a mortgage broker can help you make a more informed decision about which loan to choose. With over a lot more loan products on offer from a variety of lenders – you can receive loan information that will provide you with a much more informative position and make your decision easier when the time comes. So, contact your local Expert Mortgage Broker and enquire within.